Hello Parents!

My name is Susan Young and I’m so excited about being the Specials teacher this year.  We have 4 areas of enrichment activities provided for the students.  They include Music, Physical Education, Library and Computer.  The 3 and 4 year old classes participate in all areas, while the 2 year old class enjoys music and P.E. only. 


Music Notes

This year in Music the students will experience music through a variety of ways.  They will be given the chance to play different instruments and hear various types of music. They will learn to move, play and sing to the rhythm of songs and sounds we hear all around us. 

          Tuesday- Ms. Pam's Class & Ms. Gina's Class

          Wednesday- Ms. Sharlene's Class



P.E. Place

This year in P.E. the students will be given the chance to work on developing their gross motor skills and learn about the importance of exercise.  I will be following a new curriculum called SPARK.  It was created to involve all children to be highly active, incorporate school readiness skills and develop more confident and competent movers.  One of the reasons I was drawn to this curriculum was that many of the activities integrate with other learning areas like colors, shapes, relationships (near/far, over/under), body part identification, patterns, listening skills, art and reading.  Also, there are activity suggestions you will find to do with your child at home. 

Please be sure your child is dressed appropriately on P.E. days in comfortable clothes and closed toe shoes so they are able to run and move.

          Monday- Ms. Gina’s Class & Ms. Pam’s Class

          Wednesday- Ms. Sharlene’s Class



Library Nook and Computer Corner

During library/ computer time, the students will spend part of their time exploring books/ puzzles and listening to a story.  The other time they will be given the opportunity to use the computers.  Students will be playing a variety of educational games, learning the techniques of keyboard and mouse while reinforcing educational concepts. 

          Wednesday- Ms. Gina’s Class

          Thursday- Ms. Pam’s class