Ms. Gina & Ms. Donna (4s)

Wow, 2018 is off to a busy start! In addition to our regular curriculum, we have been reviewing what we learned the first few months of school to prepare for Assessments. Assessments will be the week of January 22rd. We will need some parent volunteers to help watch the class while we take individuals out and would really appreciate if you can come in for an hour or two.

The next several weeks, we will be learning about weather, time and seasons. We will talk about the different clothes we wear, activities we do, and foods we eat during different seasons. The children will continue to learn about Meteorologists and discussing the different types of weather; we will even make snow!

We ran out of time last month due to Christmas Program practice so this month we will be learning about Daytime and Nighttime. This will include talking about the different creatures that wake up when it gets dark!

The letters we will focus on are I, J, K, L…recognizing upper and lower case and also the sounds the letters make. Math activities will include reviewing numbers 1-10 and counting to 20.

I will be sending home review sheets as we get ready for Assessment week. Please use them as well as continuing to read to your child. Always use encouraging words and positive reinforcement as you review together.

Ms. Gina & Ms. Donna