Ms. Gina & Ms. Donna (4s)

Dear Families,

The month of March started out with our Dr. Seuss celebration. The children enjoyed being read to by the Cat in the Hat, along with eating their wild-n-wacky treats!

This month’s theme will be introducing the concepts of “living” and “non-living” things. We will help the children understand that some things are living and some things are not.

We will also continue concentrating on this month’s letters “Qq- Rr”. We will work on recognizing the letter, practice sounding it out, writing/tracing the letter and also naming things that begin with that letter.

The children will continue the number line up to 20, sequencing and making patterns and be introduced to the concept of “whole” and “half”.

Thank you Parents for allowing us to be a part of your family. We enjoy watching your children grow and learn everyday!


Ms. Gina & Ms. Donna