Ms. Gina & Ms. Donna (4s)

Dear Parents,

We are so excited for the start of a new school year!  We have many familiar faces and some new friends as well.  Our year will consist of 9 different themes.  We will begin September with our first theme; discussions about school and how to make and be a good friend.  Our class friend, Max the Bear, will be introduced and he will help us throughout the year as we go through our different themes. 

 As we read books, we will talk to the children about what is an author and what is an illustrator; we will also begin reading our fables and nursery rhymes.  In math, we will learn about shapes, patterns and matching. 

Our biggest emphasis for September will be helping the children to be comfortable and happy at school and helping them to make new friends.  We will discuss school rules and work on learning the Pledge of Allegiance. The children will talk about weather and calendar every day and perform their daily "jobs."  :)

We encourage you to help the children practice writing their names at home and also to help them with learning their phone numbers.

Thank you so much for the joy of your children; please let us know if you have any questions!

Ms. Gina