Ms. Pam & Ms. Sharlene (3's)

Dear Parents,

October brings some fun and exciting times for the 3 year olds!

We have a new theme of 'Orchard Harvest' this month.  We will be exploring the parts of the tree life cycle from seeds to leaves.  Then we will talk about different fruits that grow on trees and also the many animals found in an orchard.  

Our letters of focus this month are I, L, and E.  The numbers of the month are 3 and 4. Our shape is square and color of red.  We will review the letters and numbers of the previous month as well.  We will also begin working on name recognition and first letter in our name.  

The 3's love playing with the play dough! Thank you everyone who sent some in for us! Playing with play dough strengthens the muscles needed for holding crayons/pencils and for using scissors.  

Looking forward to starting a great fall season!

  *Reminder to please label cups and jackets!*


Susan and Sharlene

 Upcoming Events:

10/5- Claire's order due

10/8- No School

10/9- Fire safety chat

10/11- Chapel

10/16- Dad's and Donuts

10/19- Pictures with Tiffany (Friday)

!0/22- Field trip to Messick's Farm

10/23- Artwork for Original Works displayed

10/30- Dress as a farmer day