Ms. Pam & Ms. Sharlene (3's)

Dear Parents,

Our 3 year old class uses the Mother Goose Curriculum. Each month we will have a theme, learn 3 letters, 2-3 numbers, 1 color and 1 shape. Our theme for the month of September is "Me and My Family". We will be talking about the importance of families and how each member contributes. We will also be talking about pets. The letters of the month are T, M and A and our numbers are 1, 10 and 11. We will also be learning about the color green and the circle.

However, for the first week, we will concentrate on helping the children to adjust to the school setting and us. And, we will be teaching them the rules of our class. Our rules are pretty basic, being kind to one another and cleaning up after ourselves. 

This year, we will be making a portfolio which will include much of your child's work. So, please don't worry if they don't bring home a craft everyday. We will keep them busy!

In Christian Love,

Miss Pam