Ms. Pam & Ms. Sharlene (3's)

Dear Parents,

Congratulations to the winners of our Winter Reading Celebration!  Everyone who participated was a winner. The top reader in our class read over 100 books! The students really enjoyed the visit from Cat in the Hat and all of the special snacks that Miss Sissy made for us. 

Our theme for March is "At the Pond". We will be learning about the different types of animals, insects and plants that live around a pond. We will also be focusing on the letters F, P and K and the numbers 7 and 17. And, we will learn about the diamond shape and the colors blue and purple.
We will be having Grandparents & Special Friends Day on Thursday, March 22. This will be a very special day for grandparents to visit your child's class. If grandparents are not able to attend, special friends (parents, aunts, uncles, etc.) are invited. We will spend time in the classroom, visit the Book Fair, have a short program and a reception. Watch your folders for invitations this week!

In Christian Love,

Miss Pam