Ms. Sharlene & Ms. Meredyth (2's)

October Newsletter

     It is hard to believe but September is almost over, and October is here. So, let me begin with the fact that all the children are learning to adjust. They all like to do different types of craft.  The children like to play, especially on the playground.  At circle time they all come and participate and listen to the story.  Some of the children still have a small amount of anxiety when going to specials, but I am pretty sure all that will be gone soon.

     The month of October is filled with fun and excitement. In the classroom we will learn about Noah and the Ark, Apples, Pumpkins, Leaves, Acorns and Fire Safety. Our academics will be centered around the color red, the square shape and the number 2.

     The special events will start on October 10th with Fire Safety Chat. Then on the 17th will be Dad and Donuts. The 19th will be picture day with Images by Tiffany. On the 22nd will be our fall Field Trip to Messick Farm. This will be the first time the preschool has gone to this farm. The 24th will be the Original Art Display of art your children have created.  This is a terrific opportunity to buy special keepsake items for family members. (More information to come). Finally, we have dress like a farmer day which is on October 31st.

     If you have any questions, concerns or suggestions please email me.

Blessings to All