Ms. Sharlene & Ms. Angela (2's)

Dear Parents,

I can hardly believe it but we only have three more months of school left for this school year. All the children are learning and maturing. It is so exciting to see them learn new things (the expressions on their faces are priceless).

The children have really liked reading, doing crafts and having special Dr. Seuss treats for snack. We will be celebrating a Birthday Celebration for Dr. Seuss on March 7 since school was closed on Friday.

During the month of March, I will be reviewing and teaching the story of Jesus. The first week of March we will review the birth of Christ. The second week will be about Jesus as a little boy and then a grown man. However, the third week I will break away from the story of Jesus and talk to the children about grandparents. I would like for the children to bring pictures of their grandparents in by March 14. Be sure to send in pictures that can be damaged because I would do like a show and tell thing with the pictures. Then finally the fourth I will finish with the Easter story.

Academically we will continue reviewing numbers 1 to 10 possibly up to 20, colors and shapes. Also, the children will be reviewing the spelling of their names. 

March 23rd will be Grandparents and Special Friends Day. There will be invitations watch for them to come home so we can plan for this special day.

In Christ’s Love,