Ms. Sharlene & Ms. Meredyth (2's)

November Newsletter

It is hard to believe that November is here and we have already completed two months of school. The children are adjusting to the preschool environment some faster than others but all are make progress which is great. They are learning how to listen and follow directions here again some are learning quicker than others. But all the children are doing good. Thank for all the continued support in the classroom and at home because consistency makes it easier for the child to learn. 

November will be filled with special activities within the school. First there is the SERVE food drive, where each class is collecting food to give to the people in our community. This is a great opportunity for children to learn how important it is to share with other people. There is a container next too our door so please bring none perishable items to fill the container. The items will be weighed per class. The children will get a special treat.  On November 97h I would like to have the children wear yellow and on November 9th wear red, white and/or blue. Finally, on November 16th we will have our Thanksgiving Feast @11am I will need volunteers to help set up the food and help clean up. Also, there will be a signup sheet on line to sign up but Mandy will need to set that up. 

The themes for November will be about what we are Thankful which will lead into Thanksgiving. The academics will be the color yellow, number 3 and the triangle.

 The week after Thanksgiving will be working on the songs for the Christmas Play.

Blessings to all,