The Redemptive Gifts of Individuals


Every Wednesday 6:30pm-8:30pm

God has established a core dynamic that we call the redemptive gifts. These seven profiles manifest in individuals, land, cities, companies, churches, schools, clubs and time. This study will give you the tools for understanding yourself and others, but more than that, for seeing the world through God's eyes in a different way.

The teaching not only identifies your core design, but it also shows you the central issue you will have to overcome, the primary principle that you will use to do that, and the birthright that you need to pursue.

This teaching has brought freedom and dignity to many people around the world so please consider joining us as we take a look at God’s unique design for each of us and the specific Redemptive Gifts He has gifted you with as part of your unique design.

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*Handouts will be provided.*

If you are interested in this Life Group please contact one of the coordinators.

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