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2019 Famine Assistance

for Kager Village, Kenya Africa

Update July 2019

Hello, My Brother Richard & Richland Baptist Church,

Greetings in the wonderful name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. On behalf of Kager Vision Centre Church, which has a congregation from families far and wide within the community, I would like to pass my sincere gratitude and thanks for your recent support to help with severe famine being experienced this time of the season.

Sunday, June 9, 2019, was another unique one for the children of God. With the financial support of $300 from Richland towards getting food supplies, we were able to distribute 180 packets of 2kg of maize (corn flour) and 72 packets of 1kg of the same.

Our first line of distribution was done to the children's Sunday school program, who normally begin their services from 8:00AM to 10:00AM. These children went back home with joy and gladness carrying a packet of 1kg maize flour. Believe me, many of these children come for the service without a breakfast, especially right now with the famine going on. So, carrying a packet of flour was an answered prayer to many of them who took the flour back home and were able to have porridge for the breakfast. Some of them do not have their parents worship with us at Church, so I am watching in the coming weeks to see if some of their parents will visit the Church. You will see from the attached pictures, our children's Sunday school receiving the supplies with big smiles.

We then had the second line of distribution at the end of our main service which begins at 10:30AM to 1:00PM. This was another moment of a joyful noise to the Lord with many hearts leaping with thanksgiving. It was in this service that my wife who led the program along with our Cell group leaders, made sure that every person went home with 2 packets of flour. Please see the pictures attached.

We had a bail preserved for some of our senior citizens who cannot make it to Church, due to their old age, and our cell group leaders will be visiting with them and passing out the flour to them and praying with them.

I want to say God works things in His own divine timing and plan. There would have been no better time or day to have this special gift from the Richland saints to us than Sunday. The majority of our Church members made it to Church and we know that as the Lord continues to make provision, we will be reaching out to others as well. I have received heartfelt appreciation from many of our congregation and even outside for how they have seen the Church stand with them, and really care not only for their spiritual needs but also their physical needs.

The financial support from Richland directed to the same came to be Kshs. 28,500. We bought 15 bales of 2kg at Kshs. 19,500 and 3 bales of 1kg at Ksh. 4,410. We spent Kshs. 3,000 for transporting the supplies bringing our totals expenses to Kshs. 26,910. The balance of Kshs. 1,590 is saved for future use as the Lord may add to this kitty.

Please allow me to share my heart briefly on what I have seen and believe will continue to be an effective method of reaching out and growing the body of Christ in my area and can as well in other parts of rural Africa.

If the Church here would be open to reach out to others without being selfish, we will truly be effective in our evangelism efforts. This is one area many Pentecostal churches have brushed aside, and leaders have only campaigned for what would help them, which goes as far as impoverishing others. The congregations have either remained poor or suffer need, while their leaders enjoy plenty. The Church of Kager, where I currently Pastor, have majority as women and currently we have a large number of young people in high school and primary school. When I visit with them and fellowship with them, I see a community who are living their lives for Christ, passionate and committed to grow and become effective, but many of them lack empowerment so as to stand on their feet. For the young team, most of them need to be encouraged in their education.

I want to thank you so much, for your great love and quick response during this time of need, it has lightened the eyes of us here, that we are not ALONE, but there are friends, who would be willing to go an extra mile, and share their lives with us. As we manage this emergency of famine, my eyes are looking to the long term solution, that will make the Church strong and speak on behalf of the weak. I believe seeing my current young team pursue education, will be a long-term solution to developing responsible leaders in our community. Empowering our people will make them be diverse in the need to get economic stability. I am starting a kitty, and this is where I will be keeping the balance, to help us as a Church be able to reach out both in a small or big way, as the Lord will add into this resource.

Our Church as much as is seeing as big within the community, our financial strength is too low. Our monthly income from offerings is an average of $70. From this we support our Bishop with $40 per month and then spend the rest on other Church programs. You can therefore see how I truly appreciate your support, which goes a long way in supplementing the Church programs and also helps with my own needs.

I want to continue asking for your support, because the famine situation in the Country and in our village is still a long way to go. The possibility of a poor harvest is with us, which only leaves us with the next farming season which begins late September, with a harvest in December / January. So please do not hold back if the Lord has made any provision. Richland Baptist Church is a true Partner to the work I do here in Kager Village through the Church, I know the Lord has destined great things into the future. I look forward to another day of being with you either in Kager or in the USA before Christ's return.

May the Lord richly bless you.

David O. Kayando
To God be the Glory (John 15:12-14)

Dear Church Family,

As many of you know, for the last several years Richland Baptist Church has provided support in various ways to Pastor David Kayando and his ministry in Kager Village, Kenya Africa. Richland has sent past VBS missions offerings, took-up a love offering to help raise support to rebuild a widow’s home destroyed by heavy rains, sent financial support to assist with medical treatment for David’s seriously ill son (Jostein), and last year raised over $1900 dollars to go towards a new sound system for their church. Additionally, Richland Baptist Church sends quarterly support ($800 per quarter) to help David with both family and ministry needs.

Presently, Kager Village, along with other areas in Kenya, are experiencing the beginning of a famine which is expected to continue until the end of December. There are members within David’s church and the Kager Village community that are already faced with lack of basic food supplies. The harvest season for July and August has been lost due to very little rain. The next rainy season is September/October with the expectation of a harvest in December/early January.

Richland Baptist Church would like to partner with Pastor David and Kager Village once again in helping them in their time of need. Richland will be establishing a designated fund titled 2019 Famine Assistance for Kager Village, Kenya Africa. The dollars donated to this fund are for the sole purpose of purchasing basic food products to assist the families in need in the Kager Village community. Periodically, Richland will wire the funds to Pastor David who will be the overseer/administer of the funds in purchasing the needed food supplies. Pastor David will provide a monthly report and pictures to Richland on how the funds are being used to purchase the supplies.

If you wish to contribute, please make checks out to Richland Baptist Church and put “Famine Assistance for Kager Village” in the memo line. If you give cash, please put it in an envelope and write your name on the envelope and a note that it is for the “Famine Assistance for Kager Village” You can also give online by clicking here, please click on the "Give To:" box and select "2019 Famine Assistance."

Thank you in advance for your generosity!

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