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Interested in hosting a Life Group?

What do I do if I want to start a Life Group?

•    First, inform the pastors so we can begin to pray and talk with you about what God            has laid upon your heart.
•    We may know of others who share the same interest or who are looking to be a part of        a group.
•    Start talking about it with others and looking at different study options, as well as, host        home and/or facilitator options.
•    Pray, Pray, Pray! When ready we will start publicizing it in the church.
•    You and others in the core group will start inviting neighbors and friends.
What are the primary responsibilities of the facilitator?

•    Prepare for weekly meetings.
•    Organize and lead the group’s discussion.
•    Pray for, care for, and encourage the people in your group in their development as            followers of Christ.
•    Encourage your group to stay outreach focused both through inviting and serving.
•    Identify potential leaders/facilitators in your group.
•    Develop and apprentice leader/facilitators from within your group.

What are the primary responsibilities of the host home (host)?

•    Coordinate and communicate weekly Life Group meeting details (location, meal                  coordination, child care plans if necessary, etc.)
•    Coordinate Life Group service projects, game nights, or other fellowship activities.
•    Track attendance and follow-up with others in the group when necessary.
•    Keep your group database up to date and provide information to the pastors.

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