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Ms. Bryana

Ms. Bryana was born and raised in Southern Vermont. She is married to her husband, Chris, and has three children: Owen (16), Grace (13), and Easton (6). Ms. Bryana and her family have lived in Fredericksburg since 2018. Ms. Bryana joined the RBCP family in 2019 as the lead 3-Year-Old teacher and became the Director in 2020. She has a Bachelor's Degree in Criminal Justice and a minor in Forensics. However, she has worked in the early childhood education field for the last fifteen years. Ms. Bryana has a passion for teaching and working with children and families. She enjoys spending time with her family and friends in Vermont, photography, shopping, kayaking, and Starbucks!


Ms. Gina

4-Year-Old Teacher

Ms. Gina was born and raised in New York. She lived in Florida for 25 years and has been residing in Fredericksburg for the last 7 years. She is married to her husband, Joe, and has 7 children and 20 grandchildren! She has her Certificate in Early Childhood Education (CDA) and has received the Golden Achievement Award for her exemplary work. She has been a part of the RBCP family since 2014, teaching the 4-year-old class. Ms. Gina loves gardenias, cooking, the color yellow, Mounds candy bars,  and getting pedicures.


Ms. Sharlene was born and raised in Fredericksburg. She has two sons, Carter and Carson, and two daughters-in-law. Ms. Sharlene is the Children's Minister here at RBC and has been a part of the church since 1966! Ms. Sharlene is a co-teacher with Ms. Gina in the 4-year-old classroom. She loves the Miami Dolphins, Baltimore Orioles, Washington Capitals, L.A. Lakers, old country music and working with children. 

Ms. Sharlene

4-Year-Old Teacher


Ms. Meredyth

3-Year-Old Assistant Teacher &

Lead 2-Year-Old Teacher

Ms. Meredyth has lived in Virginia for the majority of her life. She is married to her husband, Danny, and has two children: Emma (18) and Tyler (8). Meredyth has been part of the RBCP family since 2018 when she began working as the assistant 2-year-old teacher and specials teacher. Ms. Meredyth continues to assist in the 2-year-old classroom but is now also the lead 3-year-old teacher. She enjoys camping with her family, reading and Starbucks coffee!


Ms. Kerry

Assistant 3-Year-Old Teacher

Ms. Kerry is our assistant 3-year-old teacher! She is 33 years old, married, and has three children: Ethan (10), Benjamin (5), and Isabelle (3). Ms. Kerry’s daughter joined RBCP last year for our 2’s program. Ms. Kerry said she loved Isabelle coming to Richland and seeing how happy she was to attend! Ms. Kerry is originally from California but spent most of her life moving around the world due to both of her parents being in the Marines. Ms. Kerry has worked in early childhood education for ten+ years. She also has her instructors license in cosmetology and was studying to become a social worker. Ms. Kerry spends most of her time at the baseball field and taekwondo with her sons or at dance classes with Isabelle. We are so happy to have Ms. Kerry joining our team!


Ms. Melissa joined our staff in 2022 after her youngest child began kindergarten! 3 out of 4 of Ms. Melissa's children attended RBCP!

Ms. Melissa
4-Year-Old Assistant Teacher

Ms. Sissy


Ms. Sissy is our volunteer extraordinaire! She has lived in Fredericksburg all her life and has been a member of Richland since 1976. She has two married sons, 3 grandchildren, and 9 great grandchildren. Ms. Sissy was the Administrative Assistant for both the church and preschool from 1984 until her retirement in 2014. Since then, Ms. Sissy has continued to go above and beyond for our preschool staff, students, and families!  

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