Ms. Gina's

4-Year-Old Classroom

Dear 4’s Class Families,

  For the past month I have enjoyed getting to know your child and having your child get to know me and their peers. My students have been working very hard writing their name and, I have been introducing a new letter each week.

These next few weeks we will be discussing the importance of safety and I will be helping your child become familiar with initial sounds of words and letters and discussing the concept of rhyme. The children will also predict what comes next when patterns are introduced. I will be teaching your child about the importance of good diet and helping them become aware of healthy and unhealthy foods and drinks. This month, the children will also experience the concept of science and conduct a hands-on science experiment! I will also be talking about the 5 senses and how they affect our every day lives.

  Our letters for the month of October are upper and lower care Aa, Bb, Cc and Dd. The shapes for this month are triangle, oval, square and diamond. The numbers for this month are 1, 2, 3 and 4. Finally, we will be discussing individuals, culture and community. As part of this, each child will be memorizing their name, address and phone number.

  It is such a pleasure to teach and get to know your child as I watch them strive for reaching their goals.


Ms. Gina



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