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Nursery Care

6 weeks through 3 years old


Our Nursery ministry loves serving the infants and toddlers of our church, as well as their parents.  We seek to provide a safe, nurturing environment for infants and toddlers that frees parents to attend worship and Bible Studies with peace of mind. We pray our infants and toddlers experience God's presence and the Father's love through caring volunteers. Details of our nursery care are listed below.

What ages is nursery provided for?


We provide nursery care for infants through 3 years old. Our nursery has two separate spaces, one for infants and crawlers, and another for toddlers who are up on their feet!

When is nursery care provided?

We provide nursery on Sundays during our 10:00 worship service.


What to expect when you arrive...

In order to ensure we are providing safe and secure nursery care we have a drop-off and pick-up procedure. On your first visit parents will fill out a registration card, receive a copy of policy's and procedures and an identification card, a portion of the card is a sticker that will be placed on the child's back. On the sticker is the parent information, including name, phone number, and pager number, as well as child information including name, age, allergies, and any instructions on feeding or changing. Parents will also receive a pager that the nursery staff can contact them on in service in case there is an urgent need. At pick-up the parents will present their portion of the I.D. card and we will match it to the sticker on the child to ensure secure pick-up.

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