Welcome to Ms. Sharlene &

Ms. Meredyth's 2-Year-Old Classroom

   It is truly amazing to observe our students and see the tremendous amount of growth they have had since the Fall. Ms. Meredyth and I are so pleased with all our students and how well they have adapted to our preschool setting! The children have showed tremendous growth in developing patience, sharing, and taking turns with their friends, remaining seated for morning circle, listening to their friends and teachers, and even walking quietly and in a straight line outside of the classroom!

   This month, we will finish with stories about Jesus's Life and focus on Jesus's Followers. We will review colors, numbers, shapes and keep learning to recognize our letters and name. We will also discuss Spring, baby animals, flowers, and the lovely sound of birds.

With only two months left of school, we will be wrapping up by celebrating Earth week, Mother’s Day and preparing a Father’s Day craft. We will also participate in our summer fun day which will hopefully, COVID restrictions pending, allow the children to enjoy a fun filled day of water and outdoor play! More information will be coming soon!


Many Blessings,

Ms. Sharlene & Ms. Meredyth